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DeadMau5, a legendary Canadian Electronic Producer/DJ and specialist in motion graphics. Real name Joel Zimmerman, he has carved his name as a ground-breaking innovator on the electronic music scene.

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DeadMau5, the quintessence of EDM has revolutionized the connection between “audio music, motion graphics & digital media”. One of the biggest EDM producers in the world and a six-time Grammy award nominee. Born in Niagara Falls Canada, his real name is Joel Zimmerman. With the emergence of computers, digital media & audio began to find its place of merging within the technology. Working for various I.T companies Zimmerman was immersed in the world of Flash and began combining Flash & audio, one of his first jobs was making Flash intro music. Meanwhile, in his personal life, he was out on the Rave scene. Keen to advance his craft in various areas, he pushed forward in developing his skills with audio, motion graphics, and web design. After finding a dead mouse inside his computer he coined the name “DeadMau5”. 2005 saw the release of his first album “get Scraped” and by 2007 he created his own label “Mau5Trap”. With a long list of singles, his hits have included titles such as Bot, Brazil, Ghosts ‘n’ stuff. With eight studio albums and various compilation albums to his name, the producer has worked with an array of artists from (Tommy Lee, Neptunes, Cypress Hill, and Rob Wire), DeadMau5 has put on some of the most spectacular shows around the world, linking together brilliant masterpieces of audio & motion graphics. The phenomenal artist continues to explore, push boundaries and innovate.