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Dirk Maassen, an independent German pianist/composer whose music has featured in a German drama & documentary series and featured in the award-winning short movie The Crossroads in 2016.

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Dirk Maassen


Dirk Maassen is an exquisite pianist/composer whose authentic compositions are created through moods & emotions; the independent musician has established a worldwide fan base with his alluring melodies. As a child, Dirk was delighted by the sound of various musical instruments. The piano became the instrument of choice. By the age of ten, his voyage into the enchanting instrument began. Growing in a time when synth electronic instruments dominated the 80’s Dirk took to the road of experimentation and was involved in various projects and bands. One of the bands was “In Contact,” and they went on to release two CDs. Around 2011 he began to record several solo compositions. As a composer, he takes his feelings on life’s moments and transposes the emotions into the melodic sound of the keys, bringing music to life. The composer uploaded songs to various social media platforms, such as Soundcloud & Spotify, with a collection of recordings. Since then, his followers have steadily grown over the years. To date, he has 469K, monthly listeners, on Spotify. Dirk’s music has featured in the award-winning movie “The Crossroads” as well as a drama and documentary series “Die Abendschau” and “Landesschau.” He has released several albums such, (Avalanche, Sol, Ocean, Echoes, the wind, and the sand and Zenith). His latest venture has been traveling through Europe, taking in the various moments of nature and immersing it into his music.