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DJ Fresh, a Drum & Bass/Dubstep DJ/producer from the UK. Producing the UK’s first no. 1 Dubstep single titled “Hot write now” featuring Rita Ora, DJ Fresh has worked with some of the hottest chart UK artists

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DJ Fresh


Drum & Bass Dubstep producer, DJ Fresh is known for his ingenious undiluted style. His tracks are powerfully dynamic and stimulate a high energy feel. His single “Hot Right Now” featuring Rita Ora became the first UK Dubstep single to reach the no. 1 spot in the UK charts. Born in West Sussex as Daniel Edward Stein, the youngster would often hear classical compositions around the home as his mum cherished the genre. With the UK’s diverse music scene, Daniel became exposed to a wide variety of music. Enrolling in university to study business information technology, Daniel dropped out after 6 months. Shortly after, he met up with a bunch of guys who taught him production skills and gave him a slot on a local pirate radio show. He advanced his skills quickly and, by the age of 18, had released his first debut track with MC Moose. He and his new musical connection formed a group titled Bad Company; the foursome put out their own label called BC Recordings and rapidly began working on numerous tracks. Using the EMU 16400 sampler, they produced the track “The Nine” which became the track that put their name out on the circuit. The label went on to release 4 albums and a variety of singles. As a DJ, Daniel knew he had to create a stage name for himself. While scratching on the decks one day, a record had the title Fresh, and it was then he decided on the name DJ Fresh. In 2002 DJ Fresh launched his solo career, regularly playing sets on the UK club scene. He progressed to some of the biggest clubs and festivals around the world. With a new label Breakbeat Punk, he eventually combined it with an Adam F’s Kaos Recordings, and they renamed it Breakbeat Kaos. DJ Fresh is an authentic music producer who creates music when he feels the vibration. He has worked with a wide range of artists such as Ellie Goulding, Dizzie Rascal, and Craig David. With three studio albums, the artist has gone on to sell over 2.8 million records sales.