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Tu Sin Mi, Dread Mar-I’s 2010 single has reached over 168 thousand plays on Spotify, the song narrates the tale of broken love and heartache.

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Dread Mar-I, Argentina’s best-selling Reggae singer/songwriter, takes the title of one of the top-selling Reggae artists in Latin America. His smooth & seductive vocal tone emits a raw emotion that has captivated millions. Early Years Mariano Javier Castro was born in Queguen, Argentina, and grew up in the town of Maipu, Buenos Aires. As a young adult, reggae music was a sound he came to admire. Bob Marley, reggae music’s ambassador, helped seal his passion for the genre., he also became interested in the Rastafari movement. Career After singing with a band called “Reggae Messengers” he went solo and created “Dread Mar-I”. After working on new material, he released his 2005 album “Jah Guia”. The album went on to gain attention from various Argentinean DJs. Dread Mar-I came under the attention of Sony Music and offered him a contract. After signing him, they rereleased Jah Guia the following year, and the album gained much success. Argentinean Reggae band Los Cafres, invited Dread Mar-I to accompany them for their show at Luna Park. In the same year, the singer had the privilege of sharing the stage with the Wailers, performing at the first edition of the “Bob Marley Day Festival” in Luna Park. By 2008, the enchanting singer performed in over seventy shows across Argentina and internationally. Dread Mar-I has been singing for over a decade and has conquered Reggae Music in Latin America. He has recorded eleven studio albums, one of which was recorded in one of Jamaica’s premier studios. The artist has intoxicated thousands of fans with his pleasurable music, securing himself as a respected reggae artist.