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Dusty Locane is a rising East Coast rapper; who understands the importance of truth; he keeps it real through his music. His track "Rollin N Controlling" showcased his style as a freestyle rapper.

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Early Days Born in Canarsie, Brooklyn, he came from a Caribbean heritage; his mother was Trinidadian. Basketball was his passion, and Dusty was keen to take it on as a career. He was a team player until junior college and dropped out after several semesters. Rolling with the crips in his neighborhood, he was active in the brotherhood. After a short stint in jail, he came home. Many of his homies were rappers, and they encouraged him to rap. Not afraid to try, he recorded tracks on his phone and gained two features. His influences were old-school rappers like 2 Pac, Biggie & Jay Z. After hitting rock bottom, he knew he had to climb high and hold onto the positive. Career The first track he recorded was a freestyle; along with a homie, they went onto Facebook live, drinking and rapping; they stayed for 2-hours. The live post had 700 viewers and, by the end, accumulated 30,000 views. It became the start of his social media following. After signing up for Instagram and Tik-Tok, in August 2021, he self-released "Rollin N Controlling" the track blew up on social media with millions of views and became certified "RIAA Gold." After signing with the label "Empire, in December 2021, Dusty Released his debut album, "Untamed." The 20-track album includes his "Rollin N Controlling" freestyle. An artist new to the game, he chronicles life through stories.