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Egor Kreed has released five studio albums (Holostyak 2015, What do they know, 2017, 58, 2020, and Pusy boy 2021).

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Egor Kreed is a Russian Rapper with a hip-hop/pop style whose song blasted him into Russia's world of social media, gaining him millions of views. Early years From his real name Egor Bulatkin, the rapper was born in Penza, Russia. Growing up, Egor was inspired by hip-hop music and became determined to have a career in the music business. After high school, he enrolled in the Gnesin Russian Academy of Music. Career In 2011 he uploaded his track" "Lyubov v seti. The track helped blast him into Russia's world of social media, gaining him millions of followers. Vkontakte Star is a Russian international competition for young performers which is aired live on Russian TV. In 2012, Egor took the title of best hip-hop artist, which allowed him to perform at Oktyabrskiy Big Concert at St Petersburg. In the same year, Egor landed a deal with "Black Star Inc", soon after he released his debut "Starletka", (the track tells the story of a burning desire for a woman he can't take his eyes off). The Russian Rapper has performed at some of the country's biggest venues. After releasing various songs, he released his album "Holostyak" which reached no: 33 in the Russian chart position. "Samaya Samaya" was the artist's 2014 single which moved his music in a different direction, leaning more towards a pop style. The track placed him on the no: 1 position in the Russian music charts.