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El Komander is a Mexican contemporary singer/songwriter whose songs are narcocorridos, tales of the life of drug lords. "Corridos" are a Mexican oral tradition that has been around since the Mexican revolution. Narrating stories on many topics they were a way to spread the news around the community.

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Early Years The singer's real name is Alfredo Rios, he was born in Sinaloa Culiacan, Mexico. As a youngster, the sound of traditional Mexican Music attracted him to learn the guitar. Later he studied composing at music school, and he started out writing for various Mexican singers. Musical journey/Career After working on his style of corridos, in 2006, Alfredo released his debut live album titled "En Vivo! Desde Badiragato," which was put out by "La Disco Records". The singer's live performances were well received by the community, and he gained a vast following for his narcocorrido songwriting style. In 2009, he came to the attention of brothers Omar & Adolfo Valenzuela, who had established the "Twiins label" based in Los Angeles. With a strong belief in his artistry, the brothers were keen to build and showcase his artistry. With the stage name "El Komander", his first album "El Katch" achieved a considerable interest, which boosted his profile as a narcocorrido singer. With songs like "Nomas por Ser Sinaloense" and "corrido del Invalido", he followed quickly with his next album ", Archivo Privado." As a Mexican corrido singer, El Komander released an album every year, right up until 2019. An artist with many fans, his performances are prevalent. Performing at a vast number of shows, many of his albums have been (live/en Vivo) albums, such as his 2017, "Unplugged, "Loquera En El Nightclub", and "Fiesta Privada-Albercada", to name a few. In 2019 El Komander released "Romaticas" for the ladies. In 2021 El Komander released the 10-track album, "Corridos, Caballos, Y Parranda."