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Elize is a Dutch pop singer/songwriter and tv personality who has carved up a successful entertainment career and reached a worldwide audience.



Elize, a multi-faceted entertainer who showcases her talent as a singer, songwriter, actress, TV host, and model. Her music style is a combination of pop & dance music. Early days The singer, whose real name is Elise Van der Horst, was born in Utrecht in the Netherlands. As a youngster, she was happy performing and gained an opportunity to appear in the children’s TV show “Kinderen Voor Kinderen” a children’s musical showcase program. Career Signed to Spinning Records in 2004, she released her debut song “shake” which didn’t get the recognition as her second single, “Automatic” which found itself in the Dutch charts top ten. Releasing her debut album in 2006, “In control” and sealed a place in the Dutch charts. In 2007 Elize signed a contract to host the children’s tv show “Kids top 20”. Her natural stage presence and musical knowledge secured her as a presenter of the Dutch version of “so you think you can dance” since then, Elize has made several tv appearances. By 2009 Eliza released her second album, “more than meets the eye” a self-penned album that entered the Dutch charts, “Lovestruck, the first single from the album, gained the no:1 spot in Bulgaria and retained its chart position for several weeks. The Dutch all-around entertainer has secured a fan base in numerous countries around the world.