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EST Gee "is an acronym for "everybody shines together", an American hip-hop/trap rapper who has faced some of life's hardest challenges. he continues to rise and stand firm.

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Early Years EST Gee was born in Louisville, Kentucky; his real name is George Albert Stone III. Sport was a profession that many leaned against and dreamedt about. A high school football player with a good reputation, EST was a linebacker. Later down, he was offered a scholarship at Indiana State University. While studying, he was arrested for marijuana and back in Kentucky on house arrest. With sports on the back burner, he jumped into the rap game and started recording at home. Musical Journey/Career "Stains" was the first track he dropped on YouTube in 2017. He followed with "Letter to DQ" and "come up." As a rapper, his lyrics are raw, with no holding back; they are traits that helped garner attention relatively quickly. Consistently dropping new tracks, in 2019, he came with two mixtapes, "El Toro" and "Die Bloody." Just after the release of his second mixtape, his life spiraled downwards; the rapper was shot five times, wounding both his stomach and eye. After two weeks in hospital, luckily, he recovered. The following year he came back strong with "Ion Feel Nun," the rapper's third mixtape, which helped expose him mainstream. Its extension was, "I still don't feel nun." Not long after, sadness hit again when his mum passed away from Leukaemia. The rapper was close to his mum, and losing her took its toll. A little while after, another traumatic event happened; his brother was shot and killed. In 2021 EST signed with "Interscope/CMG/ & Warlike." Collaborating on Lil Baby's "Real as it gets," the track entered the Billboard Hot 100, locking in at 34. His biggest mixtape to date is "Bigger than life or death," featuring the big names in rap (Pooh Shiesty, Young Thug, Lil Durk & Future). The mixtape shot to number seven on the Billboard 200.