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Faouzia is a contemporary pop singer/songwriter & musician with a uniquely enchanting pop style. With powerfully mesmeric vocals, she entwines subtle cultural nuances into her music.

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Early Years Faouzia Ouihya was born in Casablanca, Morocco; shortly after her birth, her parents moved with their three children to Manitoba, Canada. Throughout her young years, music enchanted her; she learned to play the piano, guitar, and violin; singing brought her a feeling of happiness. The Ouihya household held on to their Moroccan culture, regularly traveling back to the country; Faouzia was captivated by its rich cultural aspects. Together with her older sister, they formed a musical duo, performing at talent shows; they gained confidence; and at fifteen, Faouzia started performing solo. Musical Journey/Career In 2015 she won three awards, including the "Grand Prix La Chicane Electrique," she gained the prize of recording a song. Her advancement in music moved fairly quickly; Faouzia signed up with the "Paradigm Talent Agency;" her YouTube Channel began to flourish, and after a short while, she released her first single, "Knock on my door." The single gained millions of streams on Spotify. Soon various labels started to show interest, and Faouzia continued to win talent shows, such as the "Nashville unsigned only." Her first Collab came with Matt Epp on the track "The Sound," and it was in 2018 that she featured on David Guetta's "Battle," a track from his "7" album. A week before her 18 birthday, Faouzia signed with Atlantic records. Enrolling in University to study "Computer Engineering," she viewed education as necessary. In 2020, her debut album "Stripped" was released, an acoustic EP; she put her raw talent into the EP. During the Covid 19 pandemic, the talented singer continued to write, and she later worked with Kelly Clarkson, featuring on the single "I dare you," which Faouzia sang in Arabic. After working on the song "Minefield," she felt it needed a collaboration; and John Legend joined her on the single. Faouzia is also making a mark as a fashion icon.