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The artist known as FINNEAS is a U.S. singer/songwriter & producer who has received numerous songwriting & production awards in a short space of time. Eight of them were Grammys Awards.

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Early Days Real name, Finneas Baird O'Connell, was born in Los Angeles. The son of American musicians and the elder brother of Billy Eilish. Music played a significant role within the O'Connell family household. Raised by humble parents, FINNEAS & Billy were home-schooled; he gained piano lessons from his father, and his mum taught him the art of songwriting. Green Day and Coldplay were his musical influences. In 2015, he formed a band called "The Slightlys," they attained a position on the traveling Warped Tour. With a younger sister who also sang, FINNEAS started producing music for her, and between the two, they began uploading songs to SoundCloud. "Ocean Eyes" was a track he wrote for his band; after hearing the words flow from his sister's mouth, he felt she fitted the single perfectly; within a matter of weeks, the song blew up. "Six Feet Under" was the next project he made for his sister. After coming into contact with Apple Music's "Platoon" (an artist development team), Billy quickly signed to "Darkroom and Interscope Records." Musical Journey/Career In 2017 FINNEAS produced Billy's E.P. titled "Don't smile at me," which found its way to number 14 on the Billboard 200 charts and no'12 on the U.K album charts. Working on the production of his sister's debut studio album, "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" FINNEAS was also a co-writer. The album secured his reputation as a respected producer, and he won a Grammy Award for "Producer of the Year and Non-Classical" alongside four Grammy awards. 2019 was the year of the singer's debut solo E.P., "Blood Harmony." As a songwriter, his lyrics focus on love and heartbreak. Touring the U.S. the same year, he also made T.V. appearances on "The Tonight Show" & "Jimmy Tonight Live Show." FINNEAS's artistry as a producer has enabled him to work with artists such as Justin Bieber, Camila Cabello, Selena Gomez, and Ashe. "Optimist" was his first studio album, which peaked at number 9 on the "Billboard U.S. top Alternative Album" Charts.