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Fivio Foreign is a drill rapper who rose to heights with his track "Big Drip" he has come to be known as one of Brooklyn's biggest drill rappers.

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"Foreignside Foundation" is a non-profit organization set up by the rapper to support at-risk individuals, the homeless, and communities in numerous ways. Early Days The rapper's real name is Maxie Le Ryles; he was born in Brownsville and grew up in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. An energetic youngster, basketball was his game; music was his pleasure, and rapping became a common practice. Hustling on the streets was kept from his mother, and in 2016, Fivio's mum passed away; he was close to his mum and took it hard. Nine months later, he became a dad. The pressure was on him to pay the bills and provide for his family. With a job in construction, he found it challenging; and realized it wasn't his path. G.S.9, a Brooklyn crew, was a collective of rappers that Fivio knew. Many of the members began hitting heights, such as Bobby Shmurda. The rapper's elevation motivated him to climb high. Fivio's crew was "800 Foreign side", In 2018, he uploaded "Blixky Inna Box" with Jay Dee & "Dee Savv," it became the song that popped his name out, the track received a million views. The track's success inspired him to reach higher; he gained features on various songs. His first debut EP was nameless but earned the name "Pain & Love." The aspiring rapper then created his YouTube channel. Career "Big Drip" exploded, gaining radio airplay. Record Labels showed interest, and Fivio signed a million-dollar deal with "Colombia Records." In 2020, Fivio gained a feature-on Drakes "Demons" and featured on various tracks such as "French Montana," "Nas," and in 2021, Kanye West. The Brooklyn artist followed on with a highlight on "City of Gods," a single by Alicia Keys featuring Kanye West.