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Guaynaa is fascinated with cinematography and is the co-director of his music videos. His videos have a fun entertaining aspect, such as the video “Los Ángeles Azules - Cumbia a la gente”.

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Summary Guaynaa, a Puerto Rican artist whose claim to fame was his track “ReBo Ta”, tells the tale of Guaynaa’s feelings towards a woman he’s enticed by. “Rebota” has received over 473 million views on Youtube and 11 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Early Days Born in Caguas, Puerto Rico as “Jean Carlos Santiago Pérez”, the artist is of dual heritage, his mother Cuban and father Puerto Rican. Growing up, Guaynaa was stirred by the rhythms and melodies of Latino music. His musical influencers came from Puerto Rican artists such as Calle 13, Daddy Yankee, and Residente. He also loved the Cuban singer Celia Cruz. Career Guaynaa studied chemical engineering while working a variety of jobs. Sometime later, he concluded he couldn’t leave music and decided to let go of everything to start a career in music. From there, he pushed forward and begun developing his freestyle and writing skills. Dropping his first songs under an alias, he modeled his style from other rappers, this didn’t bring him any success, and he realized he needed to be true to himself. Plowing himself back into music, he began developing his style. Steadily, he gathered momentum with his freestyle. In 2018, he released the track “REBOTA” the track received high views on social media and gained plays on radio stations, which helped it to peak on the Latin & Billboard charts. The innovative artist puts everything into his music and is the co-director of his videos. Now signed with Universal Music Latino & Republic Records, Guaynaa has collaborated with several Latino artists and continues to go from strength to strength.