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Gusttavo has made his mark in Brazil’s acting world and has starred in various roles, from comedy to dramas.

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Summary Gusttavo Lima is an enchanting Brazilian sertanejo artist who gained massive success with his single "Balada" Its chart success reached no 3 in Brazil, 5th position on America's Billboard, and earned high spots in a host of European countries. Early Days The singer's real name is Nivaldo Batista Lima. He was born in Presidente Olegário and came from a musical family; at the age of nine, he joined his elder brothers to form "Trio Remelexo," The band performed locally, becoming very popular in their local region. After staying with the band for a few years, he went on to form the duo "Gustavo & Alessandro." Career Moving on to start a solo career, the singer/songwriter released his self-titled album "Gusttavo Lima" in 2009. The sertanejo style originates from traditional folk music, and the passionate singer emits romantic love songs such as "Rosas Versos e Vinhos" in a compelling manner. As his live performances became increasingly popular, the graceful singer recorded his first live album, "Inventor dos Amores" it helped push his status as an appealing artist & songwriter. After releasing "Gusttavo Lima e Você" in 2011, it became Gusttavo's second live album. The track "Balada" became the song that catapulted his artistry sky high and led him to tour internationally. The enchanting artist has recorded over ten albums, both studio & live recordings.