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Mexican rapper and singer Homer El Mero Mero's music is on fire! Check out his bio and music now!

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<h3>Who is Homer El Mero Mero?</h3>Homer El Mero Mero is a Mexican rapper and singer from Mexico City. He is known for his unique blend of hip-hop, pop, trap and Latin sounds. His music is popular in Mexico and beyond, and has earned him a strong following. <h3>Early Life</h3>Not much is known about Homer El Mero Mero's early life or age. He started to draw attention to his music in 2015 with the release of his debut EP 'The Start'. It featured fan favorites such as 'Loco' and 'Dime La Verdad'. <h3>Career</h3>In 2016, Homer released his first full-length album 'Todo Esta Bien'. The album was a hit with fans, and he followed it up with a series of singles throughout 2017. In 2018, he released his second album 'Vida Real', which featured collaborations with artists from Mexico City and around the world. <h3>Collaborations & Featured Artists</h3>Homer El Mero Mero has collaborated with a number of other Mexican talents including Don Cheto, C-Kan, Bad Bunny, Jowell & Randy, Galante El Emperador, and others. He has also been featured on international releases by artists such as Pitbull, Ozuna, Daddy Yankee, Romeo Santos and more. <h3>Style & Sound</h3>Homer El Mero Mero's sound blends hip-hop, pop, reggaeton and Latin influences. His lyrics often focus on love, relationships and partying. He often uses clever wordplay to get his point across. His beats are hard-hitting yet melodic. <h3>Discography</h3>Homer El Mero Mero has released two albums so far: 'The Start' (2015) and 'Vida Real' (2018). He has also released a number of singles including 'Loco', 'Dime La Verdad', 'No Te Vayas', 'Tranquilo' and more. He has collaborated with a variety of artists from Mexico City and beyond.