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Rapper Hotboii gives his listeners a bird's eye view of life on the streets, no holding back; he reveals life's challenges; his narration of street life relates to many.

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Early days Javarri Latre Walker was born in Orlando, Florida. He grew up in the projects with his five siblings and a single mum, he was in contact with his father, but the struggles of life took hold. Aged fifteen, new to rap, it became his tool of release. As time went on, a buzz on the block took hold. With the pressure of having no money, he traveled the wrong route in search of cash, and in 2016, Javarri found himself in a juvenile detention program where he served two years. Back on the streets, he jumped back into rap and was coined the name Hotboii by his homies. His first tracks were put out, but it wasn't until the release of "YGs" that he gained a presence on social media. Career "How my Z die? Thought real niggas never die, Gotta sleep tight 'cause people ain't waking up now I know my nigga made it to heaven" are the lyrics to Hotboii's "Don't need time," in memory of "Wolph," his homie. The song blew up on social media and gained the attention of "Lil Baby," who remixed the track. A video followed, and the song has been viewed over 13 million times on YouTube. "Kut Da Fan On" was Hotboii's debut EP; it featured tracks from various artists such as "LPD Poddy." In 2020 he was signed by "100k Management", who supported him in signing a record deal with Rebel Music, Interscope & Geffen Records." His first studio album, "Double O Baby," was released in 2020. The 16-track album featured rappers "Pooh Shiesty, Lil Mosey, and Toosii" and led the rapper to gain a bigger following. A lyricist who raps real-life stories, he stands firm in the game.