Artist verifiedIbrahim Tatlises

Ibrahim Tatlises, a legendary Turkish singer and actor who has graced the music and film industry for over four decades, earning him the title of one of Turkey's most successful artists.

Ibrahim Tatlises


Ibrahim Tatlises is one of Turkeys’ outstanding artists with over 42 albums to his credit; his songs are a mixture of folk & arabesque. From the start until now, the entertainer has managed to sustain his successful career and is as popular with the younger generation as he is with the elder. Early days Born in Sanliurfa in the southwest region of Turkey, Ibrahim was the eldest son of six siblings; his father passed away when he was young, leaving his mother to raise her children single-handedly. Career As an adult, he tried his hand at various jobs, but his love of singing spurred him to perform at restaurants, venues, and weddings. He began to make vocal cassette tape recordings which eventually found their way to a producer. In 1976 he released his first professional recording, which was the song “Kara kiz”, from there he recorded his first album “Ayağında Kundura” which became the album that elevated his singing career, the title of his album also became the name of the feature film he starred in. Acting Extending his popularity, the singer added acting to his career and starred in more than thirty-five films, many of which had the same name as the album he released, (a common occurrence in Turkey). He also presented his successful tv show by the name of “Ibo show” an entertainment show with music and guest appearances by famous people. Epilogue In 1990 & 2011, Ibrahim became the victim of two assignation attempts, both of which he recovered from. Ibrahim released his last album “Huzurum Kalmadi” in 2014.