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Ic3peak is a Russian electronic duo whose music is a blend of darkwave, trap, & witch house. They have branded their style as "audio/visual terror." The controversy was sparked by the duo's murky, outspoken lyrics.

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Early Years Ice3Peak duo consists of Producer Nickolay Kostilev and singer Anastasia Nastya Kreslina; both are from Moscow, Russia, and came from musical families. Nikolay is the son of a conductor, while Anastasia's mother is an opera singer; as a child, she was introverted but was confident in singing. The pair met while studying at the Russian State University for Humanities. After realizing they had many shared interests, they decided to create a project based on their joint artistic vision. They sought to make visual content just as important as the audio. Career In 2014 Ic3Peak was formed after experimenting with various sounds. "Substances" became their debut EP and was recorded in English. The same year they released the album "Vacuum," which included tracks like "Quartz" and "Ether." Working entirely and strictly as a team, they enabled themselves full ownership. As they performed around Moscow, the duo soon gained an international following and went on to perform in France and South America. Ic3Peak has released six albums; many of their lyrics deal with personal, social, political, and censorship topics. In 2018, "Death no More" became the song that caused considerable controversy. Their lyrics picked at the authorities; while the video had mocking visuals, the song led to the shutdown of six of their concerts. Ice3Peak describes themselves as "Freedom of Speech Activists." The duo has nearly 2 million listeners on Spotify and two million on YouTube; they aim to continue to create expressive and unique music that resonates with others.