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In 2020 at the sixty-three Grammy Awards, Imanbek won a Grammy for Best remix recording.

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Summary Imanbek is a record producer/remixer from Kazakhstan whose story reads like a movie script. It took one remix to propel the young producer into the global hemisphere of music and fame. Early years Born in the small rural town of Aksu, Imanbek worked on the railroad. After learning how to use music software, he became fascinated with remixing and was inspired by producers like Tiesto and Diplo. Remixing was a craft that pleased him in his spare time. Career After working on various remixes in 2019, the talented nineteen-year-old uploaded them to Russia’s social media VKontakte. One of the songs, “Roses” was a track by Guyanese/American rapper Saint Jhn. Around two months later, the remix gained massive attention in Russia and other countries. With millions of listeners, Imanbek came to the attention of one of Russia’s most prominent indie labels, Effective Records. He was offered a contract. The track had not been released officially, so the management met with Saint Jhn, and he agreed to let them release the remix. Almost instantaneously, the track set off like a rocket. It was aired on radio stations worldwide and hit the UK no:1 spot, alongside a host of other countries, including the no:1 spot on the Billboard dance/electronic charts. Since signing with a record label, Imanbek is still remixing but also producing his tracks. The producer has been working on various collaborations with artists such as Rita Ora, Alan Walker, AfroJack, and Gia Koka. He has a host of projects on the way.