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Aspiring Reggaeton singer Ingratax gained Tik-Tok success when she released her single “Paris” on the social media platform; the song aided her in gaining international recognition.

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Early years Ingrid Fernanda Enríquez Guillén, was born in Chihuahua Mexico. She discovered music through her grandmother, who taught her how to play the piano and guitar. As she grew older, her passion for music increased, and Ingrid immersed herself in music; she was keen to become a performer. Career With Tik-Tok's worldwide followers and creators, Ingratax made the most of her channel by releasing content and taking part in Challenges; her followers steadily increased over time. Teaming up with Resko Fozia, together they created "Paris." After the single was released, Ingratax made a video clip dancing, leaving space for followers to add their version; as more and more followers stepped up, the video went viral on Tik-Tok. The single gained over 80 million views on YouTube. Signed to indie label "Room 28," the label was created by Sergio Lizárraga for Latin urban pop singers. In 2021 at the "MTV Millennial Awards," Ingratax was nominated in the new school category. The song did incredibly well for a debut single from an unknown artist; it reached 37 on "The Billboard Hot Latin Charts" and hit 63 on Billboard Global.