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Ishay Ribo’s music comes straight from the heart. Both religious and secular listeners widely like his songs.

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Ishay Ribo


Ishay Ribo is an Israeli singer/songwriter guitarist, whose style combines pop, folk, and contemporary religious faith songs. His songs are sing-along, serene and melodic. The artist has a huge following in Israel, America, and various parts of the world. Early years Born in Marseille, France, his parents had emigrated from North Africa. Growing up, singing was his serenity, bringing him joy and a place of peace. Around the age of seventeen, he picked up the guitar and decided he was going to learn to play. He also realized he had a skill for composing. It was the Israeli singer Amir Benayoun who became his musical inspiration. Realizing he wanted to develop as a singer-songwriter, he went on to pen many songs before his first release. Career In 2012, Ishay married his girlfriend, and after receiving money as a marriage gift, he had the idea was of using the money to help record his first album. With his wife's blessing, he went into the studio and recorded his first album titled “Tocho Ratzuf Ahavah” one of the singles also shared the same name as the album. The single was released in 2012 but didn’t become successful overnight. In 2014, when the album was released, that Ishay was invited on stage by the Israeli singer Idan Raichel and from that moment, there was no looking back.