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"JXDN," pronounced "Jayden," is a young punk/pop artist who elevated his way onto the music scene through the path of social media.

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A rising artist, Jxdn is the first singer to be signed to the newly formed "DTA records," a label created by Travis Barker of "Blink-182." Early Days Born in Dallas, Texas, in 2001, Jaden Isaiah Hossler was raised in Texas until he was a teenager and then moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee. His first musical influence was Justin Bieber, whom he discovered while watching the film "never say never. Jxdn did not feel attached in high school and used social media to connect with others. In 2018, he started uploading content to Tik-Tok and gained a large following on the platform. "Sway House" was a place in Los Angeles formed for content creators. The door opened for Jxdn, and he packed his bag and headed over to Los Angeles. While attending one of "Juice Wrld's" shows, something clicked for Jxdn; the rapper's authenticity struck a chord, and from that exact moment, he vowed that music would be his chosen path. Career In 2020, as he self-released the track "Comatose," his established online presence helped push the single to over 10 million streams a month. The song came to the ears of Landon Asher, son of Travis Barker, and not long after, Jxdn met up with Travis to discuss his music. As he spoke to Travis, he gained trust in the singer, and Jxdn was confident he could hold on to his authenticity while with the label. After signing with "DTA" Records, he released "Angels & Demons" and followed with "Pray," a track about mental health. Later Jxdn signed a co-publishing deal with Warner Chappell Music and appeared on various tv shows such as The Ellen DeGeneres show. In 2001 he released his first studio album, "Think about me" the album features collaborations with "Ian Dior" and "Machine Gun Kelly." JXDN is an artist who is passionate about staying true to himself and inspiring others with his music