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Karolina Protsenko is a young violin player who went viral with her YouTube videos busking on the streets of Santa Monica. A captivating performer, she rehearses two to three hours per day.

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Karolina masters modern songs by ear and has added over 250 songs to her repertoire. Each week, she acquires two more. Early Days Born in Ukraine, Karolina Protsenko comes from a musical household. Her father, Nikalay, plays guitar, and her mother, Ella, sings and plays piano. Live music was a consistent part of the family household. In 2015 the family emigrated to the United States, and six-year-old Karolina commenced violin lessons. As her talent for the instrument flourished, her family witnessed her gift as a young musician. Her desire to be an entertainer grew, and she took ballet classes to help with her performance. Career In 2017, feeling confident about performing, she hit the streets of 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica. The response she received was overwhelming. The nine-year-old sustained a regular weekly spot, entertaining in the same space. The crowd observed the youngster's talent and would film and upload it to YouTube; the compliments were countless. In 2019, she appeared on America's Got Talent; she didn't make it through, but the judges credited her. Karolina launched her own social media channels; "YouTube, Tik-Tok & Instagram," instantaneously, a stream of followers liked and subscribed. Having reached millions of views & subscribers on each channel, she also hit the mainstream spotlight, appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Her ambition is to one day perform all across the world.