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At the beginning of Kenshi’s career, he used the software program “Vocaloid,” a singing voice synthesizer with pre-recorded vocals of singers and actors.

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Kenshi Yonezu


Summary Kenshi Yonezu is a pop/rock musician who has captivated the Japanese market with his experimental style. Creating each song uniquely different from the last, his authenticity shines through his music. Early Days Kenshi lived with his mother, father, and sibling in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan. He was pretty introverted and didn't talk that much as a young person. He didn't like school and couldn't wait to finish. He felt more connected to the world of computers and conversed with people on the world wide web. It was there he felt more understood. Music became a form of expression, and he loved the sound of various Japanese bands such as "Asian Kung-Fu Generation" and "Bump of chicken." After purchasing a second-hand guitar, he taught himself how to play and went on to form a band with some school friends. When education finished, the band eventually split. Kenshi carried on with his music, uploading his music to the Japanese video-sharing platform "Niconico" (the site was known initially as Nico Nico Douga). Career With his passion for music, Kenshi headed for Osaka, where he enrolled in a fine arts school. After discovering the program "Vocaloid," he used it for vocals and uploaded his first song, "Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu Mukuro." The track reached 1 million views, helping the musician gain more confidence. His songs sustained their popularity; many were on various combination albums such as "Exit Tunes". In 2010 the singer released two albums, "Hanataba to Suisō" and "Official Orange." He created an independent label titled Ballroom," which the singer formed with seven other musicians. Their idea was to create a record label to support internet musicians. After releasing his debut 2012 album "Diorama", it reached no six on the charts. Kenshi signed a contract with Universal Music, and the artist has proceeded to record successful albums and collect an array of awards from 2013 to the present time.