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L-Gante gained a higher audience when he appeared on Bizarrap’s YouTube “BZRP Sessions”, the channel has 10 million subscribers, the channel supports a wide variety of Argentinean artists.

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L-Gante, an arising Argentinean rap Cachengue & Cumbia 420 artist, came under the spotlight in 2018 with his single, "Uno más uno" after appearing in BZRP Sessions. L-Gante's style of music, Cachengue, derives from a combination of Latin genres Cumbia and Reggaeton, which was cultivated by the indigenous people and Africans who came to South America through slavery. Early Days Elian Ángel Valenzuela was born in Buenos Aires in the year 2000. Raised single-handily by his mother, he gained a netbook through the Connect Equality program, which became a tool for him to start making music digitally. Career As his music abilities grew, so did his confidence, and by the age of fifteen, L-Gante sent off his productions to DT.Bilardo, an Argentinian producer who was working on his style of Cumbia 420. Keen to work with the producer, L-Gante paid him to produce one track. After the first song, DT.Bilardo was impressed with the youngster's talent and didn't charge him going forward. Happy to work with the artist and help to develop his craft, they set about working on L-Gante's productions. In 2018, the song they had been working on, "Uno mas Uno" blew up on social media and sealed L-Gante's presence as well as DT. Bilardo's style of Cumbia 420. The talented artist has continued to develop his artistry and release a bunch of songs. In 2021 after working with "Bizarrap's sessions vol: 38" their song reached the no:1 spot on the Argentinean Billboard 100, where it stayed for seven weeks. L-Gante is steadily rising, bold, and confident. The artist is gaining a following for his unique style. His inspirations come from a variety of Latin American music as well as Jamaican Reggae music. Recently he has become a father and named his daughter Jamaica.