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Inspired by the rapper and music producer Chief Keef, Lil Tecca has an ambition of cone day collaborating with him on a track.

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Lil Tecca


Lil Tecca is an aspiring hip-hop rapper from Queens, New York, whose tracks are best described as snappy, melodic, and contagious. The rapper didn’t take long to blow up. It started with his song Ransom which has received 365 million views on YouTube. Early Years Real name, Tyler-Justin Anthony Sharpe, was born to Jamaican parents. The family resided in Queens and relocated to Long Island when Tyler reached 7th grade. Growing up, Tyler’s interests sat between sports & music, passionate about both. His dream was to be an NBA player. His desire to be a sportsman faded when music took on another level. Tyler’s musical influencers were the legendary Michael Jackson, Coldplay, Lil Wayne, and Chief Keef. He also kept his Jamaican roots close with his love for Jamaican music. His introduction to music came about with Xbox live. After roasting a contender, his homie downloaded audacity on his sister’s laptop, recorded himself rapping about their battle, and uploaded it to SoundCloud. From there, his rap style sparked an interest. Career Little Tecca was created, and the rapper found his way to “Internet Money” where he caught the attention of Taz Taylor, CEO of the production company. Taz invited the aspiring artist over to LA to work on some tracks. Taz and Nick Mira produced the high-energy track Ransom merging it with Tec’s track vocals with a slight auto-tune. It became the song that sealed his fate. Ransom blew up overnight, and to this day, it has reached over 365 million views. A label bidding war broke out, and Lil Tecca is now signed to Galactic Records with Republic Records. One of Lil Tecca’s aims is to inspire young people and give them the message that if he can do it, they can too.