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Lil Huddy is a pop/rock/punk artist and social media mogul who found fame through the Tik-Tok platform; as a social media influencer, he has over 30 million followers.

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Early Years Born in Stockton, California, his real name is Cole Chase Hudson; he now resides in Los Angeles. The son of school teachers, Lil Huddy, faced a challenging educational experience and victim of bullying. It was a difficult time in his life and caused him psychological stress, which he eventually overcame. Surfing social media platforms were his source of escapism; there, he would view artists and social media personalities. Among his influences were artists such as Justin Bieber, Blink 182, Bruno Mars, and Machine Gun Kelly. When the world was locked down during the pandemic, Tik-Tok became his source of enjoyment. He had considered starting a musical journey; he realized it was the right time to pursue his dream and began working on his music; when the reopening occurred, he headed straight to the studio. Music Journey/Career In 2019, Lil Huddy became a co-founder of "The Hype house," a home for content creators. As his online presence continued to rise, the aspiring singer came to the attention of "Immersive/Geffen Records" and signed with the label. After working on his debut single in 2021, he released 21st "Century Vampire," an indie/punk song. The same year, he appeared in "Downfalls High," a film by Machine Gun Kelly. "Teenage Heartbreak" was Huddy's debut album and contained songs such as "Teenage Heartbreak" & Don't Freak out," the track Eulogy of You and Me" had Travis Barker on drums; the Blink 182 star was an inspirational figure to Huddy. As a singer and social media influencer, he has gained several endorsement deals. Keen to take his music to the next level, Lil Huddy is also interested in acting. Currently, Lil Huddy is taking his time learning the guitar.