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"Los Temerarios" is a Mexican band who created a signature style of romantic music by way of merging traditional & modern music.

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Los Temerarios


Los Temeraro have gained a loyal fanbase through their catchy pop/traditional songs. Early Days Their journey began in Fresnillo Zacatecas, Mexico. Brothers Adolfo & Gustavo Angel sat alongside their father in their younger years, playing guitar and singing traditional songs. In 1977, the brothers formed a group named "Grupo La Brisa." Their first experience was performing live in a local church. Playing guitar and singing came naturally to the brothers, and before long, they were joined by Fernando Angel, a cousin who played bass. Career After changing their name to "Los Temeraros," Adolfo worked hard in sales and promotion; he would travel to labels, trying to secure a deal. He also visited record stores, offering to sell the group's songs on a commission basis. With the emergence of modern instruments, they began merging live instruments with modern synthesizers. They built their reputation by performing regularly and secured their fanbase organically. In 1983, after signing a deal with "CBS Mexico," the band released their first album. “Los 14 Grandes Hits de Los Temerarios”. From the first release until today, the group has climbed the ladder and built a solid reputation with their music. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Los Temerarios have recorded over 25 albums and more than 40 singles. They have sold over 45 million records worldwide, earning them gold & Platinum status. As a musical duo, they have graced the stage of some of the world's most prominent venues and festivals, such as "Radio City Music Hall" & "Los Angeles Sports Arena." With an array of accolades, the group has received two "Latin Grammy Awards", one of which was the prestigious Life Time Achievement award.