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Micro TDH has accumulated a large following on social media, with over 7 million monthly listeners on Spotify and 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube. The Venezuelan artist continues to rise.

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Micro TDH is a Venezuelan artist who shares his talent as singer/songwriter, rapper, and Musician with a Latin R&B vibe. His warm vocal tone transfers his romantic lyrics over snappy catchy beats, effectively combining his skills as singer and rapper. Early Years Born as Fernando Daniel Morillo Rivas in Caracas, he grew up in the city of Merida. He became acquainted with rap music during his teenage years, commencing freestyling, which led him to enter various competitions outside of his town. Career After his name began rising on the circuit, the rapper came to the attention of an underground label, Dog House Records. They gave him the chance to record his first mix-tape, “The Dog House mix-tape vol: 1 alleviated his popularity on the underground circuit. By 2015, he recorded his first eleven-track album “Sin Coro” and went on to do various collaborations. The following year he released his second album, “18/04,” the name corresponding with the album’s release date. Around 2016, he came under the attention of the artist Neutro Shorty, a Venezuelan artist who formed a label “Los Vatos Inc”, connecting with the label, they began working on a new style to help gain a larger audience. He was voted best new artist in the same year at the “The Union Rock Show Awards”. “Inefable” his third studio album, showcased his new sound; the stimulating album presented several unforgettable songs such as “Cafune, and Entra, a collaboration with Neutro Shorty”. In 2018 Micro TDH was voted refreshing artist of the year in the Venezuelan Pepsi Awards. In June 2021, Micro TDH signed a deal with Warner Music Latina.