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Many NEFFEX productions are royalty-free. The benevolent hardworking twosome has completed projects of 100 songs in 100 weeks which are given free to YouTube content creators.

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Summary NEFFEX is a music enterprise established by the innovative remixers Bryce Savage and Cameron Wales. Their Duo is a fusion of EDM and a subtle Rock essence. Early days The twosome met around the age of fifteen when they both joined the same punk rock band. Later the group broke up when the guys went their separate ways to attend college in different states. A few years later, Cameron and Bryce crossed paths again and were happy to converse. Realizing they shared musical similarities as musicians, singers, and music producers, they decided to re-join and see what they could achieve together. Career Confident of their music and production skills, they discussed how they would brand and market themselves. They came up with the idea of giving away copyright and royalty-free music to YouTube content creators, which would help the creators, alongside establishing their name as music producers. The strategy was 100 free songs in 100 days. Rapidly their subscribers increased, and today the pair has reached 5.3 million subscribers. The talented twosome has built a respected fanbase for their musical talent and generosity. In 2019, NEFFEX released their EP “Q203” and quickly followed their debut album titled “New Beginnings” in 2020. In 2021 the Duo mutually parted ways. Cameron has gone on to work on his solo projects, while Bryce continues with NEFFEX.