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Nego do Borel’s genre is Funk Ostentacao, a style formed in Sao Paulo and is a combination of hip-hop & pop with a Brazilian essence.

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Nego do Borel


Nego do Borel is a Brazilian singer/songwriter, rapper, and actor who gained popularity with his "Brincadeira das Maravilhas" track. Exuberant and confident, the self-driven artist brings humor to some of his videos, displaying his entertaining presence as an artist. Early Days Leno Maycon Viana Gomes was raised in a Christian household situated in the favelas. His family held onto faith and hope through the hardship years. Life in the favelas is extremely tough, with many youngsters taking the wrong route and ending up in prison or dead. Leno comprehended that a criminal lifestyle wasn't for him, so with a passion for music and belief in himself, the strong-minded individual was determined to push himself forward to reach for his dreams. Career His debut track, "Os Caras do Momento", has received millions of views on Youtube, which helped propel his career. In 2014 he signed a deal with Sony Music, releasing three albums. The artist has also appeared on several Brazilian tv-shows