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Noah uses the anchor symbol as a representation of his faith. As a Christian, rather than presenting the cross, he presents the anchor as a representation of faith regardless of what type of religion someone is connected to.

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Noah Schnacky


Noah Schnacky is an American actor, singer, and songwriter with a talent for storytelling. He transfers his life experiences through words, expressing his feelings to write songs that people can relate to. Early Days Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, his family moved to Orlando, Florida, when Noah was a toddler. His father and grandfather were both singers, and the youngster became familiar with country music through his father’s voice.” By the time he was a teenager, he had begun writing romantic poems, which gradually evolved into songwriting. Career Aged thirteen, father and son traveled back & forth to Nashville, writing songs they would go there to record. Noahs wrote his first song about the singer “Salina Gomez”. That period of his life didn’t’ accelerate his career, and by the time he was seventeen, he felt at a crossroads; would he continue with music or try something new. Steadfast, he stuck with music and went on to create a social media presence with music covers. To help raise his followers, Noah printed cards with quotes saying, “you’re amazing we should talk”, attached were his social media addresses. As his followers increased, their words of encouragement motivated the singer. After reaching half a million followers, he realized it was time to upload his songs, and so at twenty-one, he uploaded his first independent release titled “hello Beautiful.” Within eight days, the song had risen to a million streams. Noah Schnacky’s musical influences are artists like Ed Shereen, Thomas Rett, Brett Eldredge. He has worked with country music producer Dan Huff. Now signed to “Big Machine Records” the singer has gone on to perform across Europe, he loves England. The arising artist is enjoying his journey of sharing his talent with his audiences.