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"Ovy on the drums" is a Reggaeton artist & producer who has achieved success working with some of Colombia's most successful artists such as Karol G, Anuel AA & Malmua.

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Ovy On the drums


One day while working in the studio with a friend, Daniel was creating drums for the track, and his friend coined him the title "Ovy killing on the drums," later, in the studio with Karol G, she convinced him to drop the word killing and pronounce it "Ovy on the Drums." Early Days Originally from Medellín, Colombia, the artist's real name is "Daniel Echavarria Oviedo," His introduction to making music came from a friend who taught him how to use music software. As his creativity developed, he felt excited about utilizing his creative abilities. Career Gaining an opportunity to work with Karol G as a DJ on her live shows, he asked the singer if she would consider working with him as a producer. He became one of the co-producers on Karol G's 2017 debut album "Unstoppable," The album gained heights and reached number 2 on the "Billboard Latin Album Charts." His work on the album led him to collaborate with some of Colombia's successful Reggaeton artists, such as Anuel AA and Micro TDH. Music promoter "Kristo" Connected Ovy with "Paulo Londra;" he performed alongside the artist on stage. He witnessed his popularity when the audience cried out, "Ovy on the Drums." He loved the thrill of performing and decided he would try his hand as a singer. "Tusa" was a tack produced by Ovy, sung by Karol G, and featured Niki Minaj. In 2018 the artist created the label "Big Ligas." "Ovy on the Drums" has gone on to work with some international artists such as Ed Sheehan and Dave, a UK rap artist.