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In 2017 Pedro Capo joined a host of Latin artists to record Lin Manuel Miranda’s song, “Almost like praying.” The song was recorded to raise money for Puerto Rico’s “Hurricane Maria.”

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Summary Pedro Capo is a Puerto Rican artist with an all-encompassing talent, singer/songwriter, musician, & actor who has paid his dues within the music industry. Early Days Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, he came from a musical family and is the grandson of successful Puerto Rican singer Bobby Capo. His father & aunt were also singers, and Pedro became a third-generation singer. The guitar was the instrument he taught himself to play, and songwriting came naturally. His talent led him to perform in local bars. Career In the mid-nineties, he became the lead singer of the rock band “Marka Registrada.” With their debut album with the same name, they gained some success with tours and radio play. Later, Pedro embarked on a solo career and faced various challenges. Moving to New York, the singer started a career in musical theatre. One of his performances was in the production “the life and music of Celia Cruz.” In 2005, he released his debut album “Fuego y Amor” on an indie label, and two years later, the album was re-released by Sony music. Later he appeared in two movies, “Shut up & do it” and “Paraiso.” Married with a child, his musical career wasn’t flourishing the way he wanted. On the verge of giving up his dream, he received a phone call from an executive producer who offered him an opportunity to do a tv appearance with Mexican singer Thalia. In 2010 they performed “Estoy Enamorado,” The track reached the Billboard charts. Back on track, he released his second album, “Pedro Capo,” which followed with an extensive tour. After withdrawing from recording for a few years, he came back in 2014 in full force. His single “Azucar Amargo” gained millions of views on social media, and in 2019 he released “Calma” the song made a massive impact across Latin America and followed by a joint remix with Alicia Keys. The same year, Calma gained a Latin Grammy award at the 2019 event.