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In 2014 Finne Jager stated that from now on, he would not be producing trance music anymore and would concentrate on creating Techno music.

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Dutch Techno DJ/producer Phynn whose real name is Finne Jager, started off his career making Trance music and eventually switched to Techno. The producer has gone on to create a multitude of trance & techno tracks. Career With love for EDM music and a desire to be a DJ/Producer, Finne decided early on that music would be his career path. He started his DJ journey and, by the early 2000s, entered an Ernesto vs. Bastian remix competition, successfully becoming one of the winners. This resulted in him remixing more tracks with the duo. One of the tracks was 9.5, and the remix featured on Tiesto’s DVD “Tiesto in concert”. He teamed up with Bart Van Wissen/Fictivision, and they released the trance track “Escape” which helped gain a wider audience. After putting out the track “Lucid,” it became one of the producers’ biggest tracks to date. In 2005 he gained the opportunity to close the show for the legendary Tiesto. The massive audience helped Phynn gain more traction in the EDM world, and in 2007 he was invited to take the main stage at the Trance energy event, one of the biggest Trance events in the Netherlands. With the release of his 2008 debut album “Metamorphosis” and the follow-ups to various singles, his track “Space-walk was heard by Markus Schulz, who offered him some remix work for Coldharbour recordings. In 2103 Phynn created his label Lunary, established in the United States; the label showcases Techno talent.