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Pocah started her career with the name MC Pocahontas. To prevent any copyright claims from Disney, she later renamed herself Pocah.

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Pocah is a Brazilian Funk Ostentacao singer with 1.8 million listeners on Spotify and 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube. Charismatic and confident, Pocah is comfortable in her persona, and as an artist, she aims to inspire other women to be themselves. Early Years Real name, Viviane de Qeuiroz Pereira, the singer was born in Quiemados, Rio de Janeiro. Her elder brother was in a band and would allow his sister to go on tour with him. While there with him, she gained insight into the world of music and was inspired by what she saw. She also liked the beauty world and took her first role working in her mother's beauty shop as a manicurist. Genre Funk carioca is a fusion of various styles that emerged from the favelas in the 80s. By the 90s, it had taken its place as one of Brazil's most popular genres. (There have also been adaptions from the original style). Career Pocah's debut single was "Mulher do Poder", her lyrical content tells the story of who she is (Mulher do poder, é assim que eu sou conhecida / "Power woman, that's what I'm known for"). The singer went on to express herself in many of her singles. In 2019 she was signed to Warner Music Group and released her song "Não Sou Obrigada" a popular hit. In 2021 Pocah was invited on the Big Brother Brazil tv show as a contestant.