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"Portugal. The Man" is an Alt/Rock band based in Portland, Oregon, and comprises members John Gourley, Zach Carothers, Kyle O'Quin, Jason Sechrist, and Eric Howk.

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Portugal. The Man


Early Years/Career The band's original members are John and Zach; the two met while attending Wasilla High School in Alaska. In 2002, they put together a band called "Anatomy of a ghost," along with Joe Simon, Dewey Halpaus, and Nick Simon. As a group, they gained attention locally; but, over time, broke up. Still interested in creating music, John ad Zach formed an alternative band and took on new members. Within a short time, the band relocated to Portland and invented their new name "Portugal. The Man" Musical Journey/Career Signed to "Fearless Records" in 2006, they released their debut album, Waiter: "You Vultures!" the 13 tracks earned the group decent reviews, and they followed up with "Church Mouth," a rock/psychedelic/punk album. The band then toured across the U.S. and on to Europe. In 2008, they walked away from their record label. After going independent, the band recorded album number three, "Censored Colors," an eclectic mix of songs. Experimental, they take their influences from various genres. Between 2009 – and 2010, "Portugal The Man" put out "The Satanic Satanist," which carried stories of John's early years in Alaska, and "American Ghetto." As the band's fanbase grew, they were able to maintain a high level of performance, and before long, they were signed by "Atlantic Records." The mountain in the cloud" was the first album released under the label; it peaked at number twelve on the U.S. Billboard Rock album charts. Performing at the "Bonnaroo Music Festival," they followed with the U.S. & European tour. "Majestic Majesty & Evil Friends" came next, and shortly after, in 2014, the guys took time out to work on their next album," Woodstock," which was released in 2017. It peaked at number three on the "Billboard Alternative Albums" and the "Billboard Top Rock Albums" on both charts. "Feel it still" is a song that gained a number 1 position on the "Billboard Alternative Airplay/" In 2018, "Portugal. The man" was awarded a Grammy award for "Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. Since then, the group released "Oregon City Sessions in 2021 and PTM Bootleg Series Vol. 1.