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RealestK is an artist who blew up in 2021, a young singer with a classic soulful vibe, a freestyle singer whose lyrics rise straight from the heart, he doesn’t put pen to paper.

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Early Days Born in 2004 in Beirut, Lebanon, he moved with his family to Toronto, Canada, searching for better opportunities. His humble nature made him maintain a low profile at school, and while at home, he created music on the computer. Coming from a positive family, they encouraged him to reach for his dreams and never give up. Young people use social media to communicate and showcase their talent. After signing up to Tik-Tok, he uploaded cover songs to see if there was an interest. As his "Likes and followers increased, he wondered if they would like his music. "Stay with Me" was the track that received over 200,000 views. The song "WFM/Wait for me" came next; RK wasn't sure about it and left it to one side. After his brother heard the song, he was excited about its potential. He persuaded him to upload it to Tik-Tok, and after combining it with a video, it blew up on the platform; the same thing happened with YouTube. Within a short time, the seventeen-year-old found out that "WFM" had hit the Billboard charts and reached number 75, a massive achievement from an unknown artist who was still at school. From that moment, the singer surged with many offers from numerous labels. He was offered advice from Drake, who told him to choose a label wisely. Now signed to Colombia Records, he is currently working on new material.