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In 2008 the Duo began their career with "Josel y Raúl", which they stuck with for a few years. In 2011, Jose and Raul changed their band name to Rio Roma.

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Rio Roma is a famous Mexican Latin duo who found success with their pleasurable love songs. Their style is a blend of traditional/folk/pop that possesses a memorable touch. Some of their most well-received songs on Spotify are ("caminar de tu mano" and "mi persona favorita") the talented twosome has over six million monthly listeners and has gained a large following throughout Latin America. Early days, Brothers José Luis Ortega Castro & Raúl Ortega Castro were born in Tulancingo Hidalgo, Mexico, Jose being the elder of the two. Music was a source of inspiration for the brothers. They inspired each other with singing. The duo then joined various bands, where they would sing at multiple weddings. Career The duo commenced their professional artistry in 2008, working with Sony Music. Titling themselves "Josel y Raúl" the pair released their debut album under the same name. Alongside recording their music, Jose became a professional songwriter for other artists and wrote for various singers such as Alejandra Guzman, Camila, and Maria Jose, to name a few. In 2011 the band changed their name to Rio Roma and released their album under their new name. The eighteen-track album "Al Fin te Encontre" is a romantic pop album that helped to seal their fate as romantic singer/songwriters. One of Jose & Raul's inspiring moments was performing at Mexico's prestigious "Auditorio Nacional" where the pair successfully performed in front of a 10,000 audience. "Roja" is their latest 2021 studio album, fourteen tracks. It features collaborations with a selection of artists such as Andy Rivera, Thalia, and more.