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Sheena Melwani is a social media personality, singer/songwriter and musician who She shot to internet fame with her Tik-Tok & YouTube videos.

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Early Years Back in 2008, Sheena was based in Tokyo, Japan and began uploading covers to YouTube; it became her way to connect to people, as she felt lonely being away from her family & friends. She was comfortable with singing songs by the hottest female American singers. The first track she uploaded was Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful”, and from there, she continued to upload a variety of songs for around three years. As a singer, Sheena sings in English, Hindi and French. Living in Tokyo, she entered various singing competitions, and after posting around twenty-nine videos over five years, she disappeared from the social media platform. Career In 2020, she came back on YouTube and explained she had received messages from people trying to find out what had happened to her. In the seven years offline, Sheena had married and started a family with two children; she made a personal vowel to come back as they reached kindergarten. Releasing a video by the title “The Interrupted series.” It presented Sheena singing on the piano while a voice in the background commented on the words she sang. The comments sounded familiar to an Indian father, but the man commenting was her husband, Dinesh Melwani, who made the jokes. The video reached 1 million views, and from there, she continued to release more of the “Interrupted series.” Over time, the reviews she received enlightened her with the understanding she was on the right track. She followed with a wide range of videos, from pranks to music & advice. Equating the same style on Tik-Tok, her social media blew up and Dinesh would regularly appear with Sheena impersonating “The Real Indian Dad.” As a social media personality and singer, the comments she receives from her followers state that she brings humour to people worldwide.