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At the start of his musical journey, SoolKing’s artistic name was “MC Sool”, later he decided to change it to the name of SoolKing.

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Abderraouf Derradji, aka SoolKing, is an Algerian artist whose eclectic style incorporates the likes of Rai, hip-hop, R&B, and Reggaeton. The inspiring singer/songwriter writes songs that inspire the youth of his country, narrating life’s challenges, love, and songs of freedom. His song “Liberte”, has been chanted at some of Algeria’s political protests. Early Years Abderraouf was born in the town of El Hammamet Algiers. As he grew up during a civil war, music was a healing source for him. The young Abderraouf listened to Arabic music from Rai to Chaabi and Gnawa. His musical influences didn’t stop there. He was inspired by international music like Hip-Hop, Rock, and Reggae music. He admired artists like Che Khaled, Bob Marley, and 2Pac Shakur, who spoke a message. Before he found his footing in music, the singer worked as a dancer and acrobatic. Career Abderraouf valued the sound of live music. As his father was a musician, he joined a local rock band which gave him the experience of performing live. With the urge to expand on his opportunities, he felt the need to travel abroad and found his way to France. Ending up in Paris with no legal status, he slept on friends’ couches and found various ways to make money. Devoted to music, he was determined not to leave it behind. He established a new stage name SoolKing, produced some of his tracks, and paid for studio time where he could. Finding small gigs to perform in, he gradually built a following on the underground circuit, coming under the radar of Sofiane, an Algerian artist who signed SoolKing to his label. He appeared on Planète Rap with his track “Guérilla” which blew up on social media, and gained him a large following in France, Algeria, Morocco, and various middle eastern countries. SoolKing has recorded two studio albums, his debut 2018 release” Fruit de Demon and his latest 2020 “Vintage”. His followers continue to climb.