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In 2001, Tai released A-O-K. The single peaked on the Billboard charts and was later remixed by rapper 24KGoldn.

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Tai Verdes is a Californian soul/pop singer who has crafted a style entirely his own. The artist found success with his single "Stuck in the Middle," a song that accelerated through social media platforms. Early Days Aged eleven, Tai was encouraged by his mother to play the piano. He took up the instrument and instinctively felt a connection. Over time, his skills grew, and he learned to play the songs he liked. His musical inspirations came from various genres and artists, from Kanye West to Dominic Fike. In his college years, he wrote verses but never completed an entire song; he came to recognize that songwriting, combined with playing an instrument, was a way to release his emotions. Later he auditioned for tv music competitions, "The Voice" and "American Idol," but didn't gain any opportunities. Career In 2017, Tai auditioned for a reality series called "Are you the one" and earned a chance to become a contestant. The show linked men & women in a house to see how they would connect. He wasn't looking for fame but saw it as a chance to gain some money. Tai won the show and received $50,000. With his name in the public eye and cash in his pocket, he moved to Los Angeles. From there, he tried out a variety of roles, from working in a store to modeling. When the Covid 19 pandemic hit and people were locked down, Tai condensed himself into writing music; it became his release tool. He took on YouTube and Tik-Tok and saw the platforms as a tool for exposure. After searching YouTube to find a beat, he found a producer with a track called "Stuck in the Middle" captivated by the sound; he wrote lyrics and released it. After uploading it to Tik-Tock, the song obtained thousands of likes and went on to do the same on Spotify and YouTube. Since then, Tai has signed a deal with "Arista Records" and a global publishing deal with "Kobalt." For his debut album, "TV," he recorded songs that document his musical journey.