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The All-American-Rejects have recorded four studio albums, 8 EPs, and singles. The most successful “Gives you Hell” reached number 4 on the Billboard charts.

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The All-American Rejects


The All-American Rejects are a Rock/Emo group from Stillwater, Oklahoma. The musicians are Tyson Ritter-vocalist/bass player, drummer Chris Gaylor, and guitarists Nick Wheeler and Mike Kennerty. Accumulating worldwide success, they have sold over 10 million albums worldwide and toured with rock bands such as Bon-Jovi and Blink 182. Early Days Tyson and Nick first met in high school and were keen to start a band. In 1999, the young musicians formed "The All-American Rejects.", combining live music with programmed drum loops; they recorded their self-titled demo and later changed its name to the "Blue Album." The following year, "Same Girl, New Songs" became their first EP and was picked up by "Doghouse Records." Career In 2001, Mike & Chris joined the band, and the guys recorded their first studio album, "The All-American Rejects." Their single "Swing Swing" gained a lot of traction, which led to a signing on the "DreamWorks Label." The single went on to peak at number 60 on the Billboard charts. They also toured with various rock groups to promote the album. Their 2006 album, "Move Along," came with a single of the same name. After making a video, it elevated the single to greater heights. Dedicated to their music, the guys have played alongside many popular rock/Indie bands. After three more albums, the band signed deals with "Interscope records" and "Epitaph Records. "Taking a break, "The All American-Rejects" took a break and continued to create new material.