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Tokischa is a female Caribbean rapper who takes her place as a trap/hip-hop artist; she prefers her style not to be narrowly classified and is open to experimenting with new styles.

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Early Days Tokischa Altagracia Peralta was born in Los Frailes in the Dominican Republic. Born in a ghetto area, she was early influenced by "The Arts" and participated in various activities; and went on to study "Dramatic Arts as a teenager." At sixteen, she entered modeling and came into contact with Raymi Paulus, a designer who owned the music label "Paulus Music." After signing to the label in 2018, she made her rap debut with the song "Pícala," featuring Tivi Gunz. In a short time, the single hit a million views and received over three million views on YouTube, which grounded her position as a Dominican Rapper. The following year she recorded "Perras Como Tú" with Farina; the track featured on Miss Bala/Merciless, a Mexican movie. With her ongoing work ethic, she continued to drop songs such as "Twerk, Varón, and Empatillada." In addition to her songs, she collaborated with various artists such as Eladio Carrión, Yomel El Meloso, and Rochy RD. In 2021, she released "Bellaca Putona" with Químico Ultra Mega; the song gained a chart position in her home country. The following year the rapper merged with Colombian rapper J. Balvin for a duet on the song "Perra. As an artist, she maintains her consistency in collaborating with various artists. Tokischa's music is now under the distribution of Equity Distribution, which is under the umbrella of Roc Nation.