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Travis Scott, an American rapper who is known for his unique style of music & fashion, pushes boundaries between the two art forms. In 2018 the rapper launched his own festival, “Astroworld” in Houston, Texas.

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Travis Scott


Travis Scott is a uniquely innovative Rapper with an unconventional style. Not wanting his music to be compared to other styles, the free-thinking artist continues to lay new musical dimensions. Born in Houston, Texas, as Jacques Bermon Webster II, the rapper spent his early years living with his grandmother in the projects. While living there, the youngster caught a glimpse of people who encountered life’s harsh realities. Later he moved back with his parents to a residential area of Houston, Texas. Travis gained an education from both the private & public school system and went on study at The University of Texas of which he pulled out by year two. Leaning more & more to music, some of his inspirations came from his family. His father was a musician, and his grandfather a composer. Recognizing that music was his intended path, the rapper formed two collaborations, one after the other. The first was “The Graduates”, which he formed with long-term friend Chris Holloway and the second “The Classmates with OG Chess. Moving to New York, he hooked up with friend Mike Waxx who created the website fill roots. It was then he threw himself into all thing’s music. Feeling that things were moving too slowly, he left the city and headed over to Los Angeles. While there, he gained the attention of T.I, who in turn introduced him to Kanye West. From there, his career moved quickly, signing a contract with Epic Records in 2012, gaining a publishing deal with Good Music, one of Kanye’s labels, and following with a recording contract with T.I’s label Grand Hustle. “Owl Pharoah” was the title of Scott’s first full project, which was released in 2013. After gaining his first Billboard success in 2018, Travis Scott has continued to go from strength to strength, such as launching his own festival in Houston, Texas Astroworld.