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Vũ is a Vietnamese singer/songwriter who marked his popularity with songs like "Lạ Lùng" and the song "Happy for you", which was a collaboration with Danish pop singer Lukas Graham. He has gained the name "The prince of Vietnamese music."

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Early Years Born in Hanoi, Vietnam, his real name is Hoàng Thái Vũ. The son of a soldier, Vũ lived in an army barracks and attended a military academy for his education. After learning the guitar, the youngster began writing songs. Around 2013, music became his outlet; a friend stirred him to put pen to paper and narrate how he felt. Production was his next step; he learned the skills needed to produce and began to put songs together. He convinced his family that music was his chosen path; unsure at first, they eventually supported him. Musical Journey/Career Artistically, Vũ is a free writer; he writes every day about his surroundings and what relates to his life. His influences are John Mayer and Jason Mraz. After creating a YouTube channel, he uploaded some covers, the first one being "Dù Có Cách Xa" - Vũ Nấm. Vũ's first original song was (Xuân Hà Nội) which he sang with guitarist Long Pham. Within a short period, he saw the response from his subscribers, who only had good things to say about his music. By the time he released the song Đông Kiếm Em, Vũ, the singer had gained massive exposure in Vietnam, as a singer; his voice is soft and serene. In 2017, the singer released the song "(Lạ Lùng) strange" the single reached thousands of views and, to date, has topped 1 million views. After signing a deal with Warner Music Group, the album "Vũ "Tru song song/Parallel universe" was released. The album takes the form of a book of his life's experiences and takes the listeners on a musical journey.