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Wesley Safado has collaborated with over thirty Brazilian artists on a variety of music projects. He has over 8 million listeners on Spotify and 13 million YouTube subscribers with a massive global following.

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Summary Wesley Safadao is one of Brazil’s popular singer/songwriters and producers. His genre is “Forro”, which is well-favored in the Northeast of Brazil. The style can be accompanied by a harmonizing dance performed with a partner. Early Life Born in Fortaleza State of Ceara, Brazil, Wesley began singing at the age of fifteen. Coming from a musical background, he joined his family band, put together by Wesley’s Mother. The band “Garota Safada” comprised of siblings and cousins and consisted of over ten members. Career By the age of sixteen, he became the lead singer of Garota Safada. The band would regularly perform, sometimes as much as twenty performances a month in the region. This led to them securing a massive following in the Northeast of the country. With hits like “Tentativas Em Vao” and “Disco Voader” the family recorded five studio albums and three live albums, becoming one of Brazil’s successful bands. In 2014 Wesley left the band and began his solo career. His first album was titled “Uma Nova Historia (Ao Vivo) and achieved a positive success. From there, he went on to record numerous singles, albums, and an abundance of collaborations. His feel-good songs have gone a long way in establishing him as one of Brazil’s admired artists. Wesley is also a successful businessman and has performed for various charity events.