NFT Success: A Case Study of Soulbeats' Digital Treasure Hunt

🎮 "Gamification is the bridge between engagement and entertainment, creating a dynamic environment where fans become active participants in the experience.”

Create engagement within the Sunska community ahead of the festival

The SunSka Festival is a Reggae music festival that has been held every year since 1998 in the Gironde region. It is the Gironde's biggest contemporary music event. It's more than just a music festival, it's also a sustainable festival committed to an eco-citizen approach and with a very loyal community.

Engaging that community before the Sunska Festival enriches the overall festival experience, creates a stronger sense of unity and anticipation, and lays the foundation for a memorable and successful event.

“Find the Lion” treasure hunt

On June 1st, 2 months before the Sunska Festival 2023, the Soulbeats Music label released the Sunska Anthem 2023 on Pianity with a brilliant and innovative idea: a treasure hunt on their website.

  1. They released the Sunska Anthem 2023 as a bounty available in 1000 editions and invited, in a post, their instagram followers to participate in the treasure hunt.
  2. They hid the claim link behind an icon of the famous Sunska Lion on their website.
  3. Users who found and clicked on the Sunska Lion would get the free NFT of the Anthem on Pianity and access to a dedicated conversation on the Pianity app.
  4. In subsequent weeks, participants would be drawn to win various gifts. In the club, they would reveal the preview of the clip to all Sunska Anthem collectors, they would draw among collectors to win VIP tickets, merchandising and goodies.

Date of publicationKey MessageLink to PostImage
June 1stFind the Lion and Join the clubLinkImage for Row 1
July 4thPrize Draw in the club to win 2 VIP ticketsLinkImage for Row 2
July 21stPrize Draw in the club to win 20% discount on the merchLinkImage for Row 3
July 31stPrize Draw in the club to win a DJ Vadim 45 rpm, 1 T-shirt and 1 tote bagLinkImage for Row 4

Thanks to this digital game, they were able to involve their community and offer something new and fun. That's the power of gamification.

265 NFTs claimed in only one week

Relying on just 2 communication channels, Instagram and the Pianity app, they managed to gather 265 people in their club on Pianity.

The no-secret ingredient: gamification