Connect with Artists and Collectors Like Never Before

We’re thrilled to announce the implementation of the Clubs feature on our website. Until now, Clubs were only available on the mobile app, but now artists and collectors can access and participate in these token-gated communities from

To access the club, just hoover your profile picture on the top right corner of the screen and click on “Clubs”

Join your favorite artists' community

Pianity's Clubs are designed to deepen the relationship between artists and music fans, allowing them to gather in communities and be part of the artist's journey. With token-gated group chats, songs owners automatically join the artist's community and can engage with them or other members.

Through their clubs, artists reward their community members with exclusive experiences such as unreleased songs, guest-list and backstage access, merch, or anything they wish.

Access the most exclusive content

Clubs can contain any number of channels, as desired by the artist. There are currently 4 types of channels available:

  • Announcement: public and read-only-channel, people can react to the artist's publications
  • Public: anyone following the artists can chat on the channel
  • Private: only accessible to collectors matching one or more of the criteria setup by the artis

Currently, 4 criteria are available: Owners of a specific song, Owners of specific Scarcities, Owners of multiple NFTs, and Only artists.

With Clubs, we continue to be at the forefront of the music industry, offering new and innovative ways for artists and fans to interact. By joining artists' communities on Pianity, you can be up-to-date on all the latest news, enjoy limited-edition music, and be a part of your favorite artists' journey.

So don't wait, join a Club today and experience the unique and exciting world of Pianity!

You’re an artist and want to open you Club?

Clubs are open to all artists who have at least 100 unique collectors! If you match these conditions get in touch with us!
💡Artist tip: you can easily grow your community on Pianity by releasing Bounty NFTs.

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