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Buying music on Pianity is the key to access exclusive perks. Enjoy things like backstage access to shows, invite to recording sessions, vinyls and more...

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Owning songs can also give you access to Clubs! They’ve been designed to allow fans to gather in a community space where they can be part of their favorite artist’s creative process, learn more about him and connect with fellow music fans...

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Just like vinyls, songs on Pianity are released in limited editions. These editions are available in 4 levels of increasing Scarcity. Each scarcity comes with its own set of perks. The rarer the song, the more valuable it is!


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Due to their rare nature, the value of your Pianity songs can increase over time, in correlation to the artist’s popularity. Imagine if you had supported the creation of the first vinyl of the Rolling Stones 😉

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