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Pianity is where artists and fans gather to create, collect and trade unique digital artworks.
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How it works for fans
Empower the artists

We provide a new way for artists to express their art and connect with their fans. It is time to bring vitality and innovation into the music industry.

Collect unique artworks

Discover, listen and collect exclusive content shaped into unique pieces of art. Be part of the story of your favorite musicians and be rewarded for your early support.

Showcase your collection

Store audiovisual assets timelessly through a digital wallet secured by disruptive technology. Share your collections with your friends.

Enabling true ownership of digital assets

A common critique on digital art is that it can be copied. Therefore it can't carry too much value.

Pianity introduces a new possibility by enabling true ownership of digital assets. With us you are able to run your business independently, using technology to reach your fans.
How it works for artists
Secure your intellectual property

Store your music, forever. With proof of your intellectual property.

Upgrade your art

Your music used to be infinitely reproducible. It is now truly unique and timeless.

Fund your career

Capture more value from what you create.